Our Vision


Our goal is, to support parents with knowledge, ideas, advice and whatever they may additionally need, to retake their responsibility again. We believe, with aid they can make their families stronger and that the number of children on the streets can be reduced greatly. By helping just one family, we can protect up to eight children and prevent them from living on their own.
Woman also need empowerment and we also want to give encouragement to the fathers and husbands to take responsibility for their kids and their wives. – “A family belongs together!”

Further thinking:

In the future, we want to provide women and men with the knowledge about family planning and teach them about taking responsibility. Our idea is to go into villages, where most of the residents have never talked about family planning. Kipepeo should not just be an organisation which helps people resolve their problems, but slowly educate them to empower their lives. We don’t want to just a temporary fix, but provide them with the tools and information they need to change. We believe that the number of kids and people suffering can be reduced, if we focus on resolving the issues at their roots.

Actual Projects:

  1. Home visits to get to know the people we support. This will be one of the biggest parts of Kipepeo. To work closely with our clients, talk to them, give them advice and just share our life with them.
  2. Supporting Mamas with finding work, paying school fees and house rent until they
    can earn their own money, talking to house owners and teachers about problems
    and finding solutions for kids who failed grade 7.
  3. As soon as we find supporters and a location, we want to open a hostel where people
    of our project can work in and where we can get a local income from, to reinvest into
    our project.



Category: YFW-Redaktion
Address: Schwanden bei Brienz
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